Zubayra Shamseden Speaks at the Keep Taiwan Free Rally on September 22nd

Zubayra Shamseden, UHRP’s Chinese Outreach Coordinator, spoke at the “Keep Taiwan Free” rally on September 22nd.  Below is a transcript of her speech and photographs of the event.

I am honored to be here today to join you and support you to ‘Keep Taiwan Free’ from the Chinese Communist government’s totalitarian regime.20180922_125838-120180922_125907

What does it mean to ‘Keep Taiwan Free’?

For the Chinese people inside China, under the dictatorial regime of Xi Jinping, it means:

  • Having a democratic regime that millions of Chinese people have for so long dreamed
  • Having a free society where every one can express themselves freely without fear of persecution, detention, torture and disappearance
  • Living a life without corrupt state officials, government supported wealthy elites, and preferred groups of ‘patriotic’ people, and without concern for their homes being demolished, being hungry on the streets or disappeared in black jails.
  • Believing in a faith that they wish to believe in, not kowtowing to Xi Jinping and the CCP

For the people, who live in occupied territories of China, like Tibetans, Uyghurs, Mongols, ‘Keep Taiwan Free’ means:

  • Never trust the Chinese communist government’s empty promises and never give up on your true democracy and freedom. Keep your region free.
  • Value your identity, your worth, your belief, your dignity and keep resisting Chinese assimilation. Don’t give up your Taiwanese identity.
  • Live in a free society, not a society which is controlled by tanks, artillery, high tech surveillance and mass detention. Stay a free Taiwan that has democratic value.
  • Live without fear of persecution because of your different skin color, belief in a religion, use of a different language, identity with a different culture and life style; Keep Taiwan as free as it is now.
  • Live without fear of devastation of separation from your family, forced marriages, destruction of your private life by settling unwanted government state officials into your house, forcing you to eat, sleep, and live together with the people who oppress you. Stop Chinese Communist influence in every aspects of your free life. Protect what you have Taiwan.


Taiwan has been an example to millions of Chinese people that also deserve an open, free society. Each and every Chinese person, who desires freedom should support and protect the democracy in Taiwan.

Currently the Chinese communist government under Xi, instead of using Taiwan as a role model to implement democratic rule in China, intends to make it a part of China like East Turkestan, Tibet and Inner Mongolia.


Our Uyghur, Tibetan, Mongol and other Chinese democracy movement activism experiences and the current atrocity that is taking place in East Turkestan proves that under the Chinese communist regime, it is impossible to have freedom, democracy, peace, justice, equality and a humanly life. As a people whose fate is connected to the same evil enemy in the world, let’s fight together, work together to:

Keep Taiwan Free, Keep Hong Kong free,

Make East Turkestan, Tibet and Inner Mongolia free from the Chinese dictatorship.




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UHRP Director Omer Kanat writes in The Diplomat on the all-out war against the Uyghur people; UHRP Board Chairman Nury Turkel speaks to BBC’s Hardtalk

“Now is the time to ensure that the Uyghurs’ suffering does not become even worse, and to put into practice what all people of conscience mean when they say ‘Never Again.’”

On August 24, The Diplomat published UHRP Director Omer Kanat’s commentary The Repression of Uyghurs Is Now an All-Out War Against a People. Mr. Kanat argues compelling evidence of internment camps in East Turkestan (aka Xinjiang) must be met with action from the international community. He writes: “The rapid escalation of repression since 2016 has shocked the world, and tenacious international media coverage has put the issue on the agenda. What remains is for policymakers to act.”

Screen Shot 2018-08-28 at 3.58.53 PM

The commentary cites a recent report from UHRP on the internment camps, which documents the camp system and the individuals impacted. UHRP’s report details three ways in which the international community can act:

The first is the use of United Nations (UN) processes. China’s Universal Periodic Review in November 2018 must be leveraged to ensure Chinese officials respond to credible reports of internment camps.

The second is to adopt a “Global Magnitsky Act.” Such acts must be used to sanction Chinese officials complicit in the human rights violations occurring in East Turkestan.

The third measure is to end forced returns of Uyghurs to China due to pressure from Beijing and to offer sanctuary to Uyghurs. There is no reason Uyghurs peaceably living overseas should be deported to China.

On August 22, UHRP Board Chairman Nury Turkel spoke to Shaun Ley on Hardtalk. Mr Turkel highlighted the prospect of worse to come for Uyghurs if action from the international community is not forthcoming stating:

“I am afraid of mass murder because we don’t know, other than a few individuals have managed to leave the camps. People are not leaving. Where have those million people gone? What are they being charged of?”

Mr. Turkel’s warning echoes the concern expressed in UHRP’s report on the camps that “[a] further escalation of tactics of repression…cannot be ruled out, raising the specter of human-rights violations of an even graver nature in the near term.”

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Nury Turkel Speaks at the International Religious Freedom Roundtable

On July 23rd, the International Religious Freedom Roundtable held an event on Capitol Hill highlighting the deteriorating situation facing religious believers in China entitled “Religious Persecution in China.” Co-sponsored by UHRP it was among the events held on the sidelines of the State Department’s Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom, which took place July 23rd to 26th in Washington, D.C.  The IRF Roundtable underscored the importance of drawing attention to the Chinese government’s increasingly repressive policies.

At the Roundtable, UHRP’s Chairman of the Board Nury Turkel discussed the Chinese government’s ongoing campaign of repression against the Uyghurs. Uyghurs face some of the most restrictive religious freedom conditions in China, and the current campaign is aimed at religion as an important expression of their ethnic identity. Religious expression and sentiments is one of the main targets of the re-education campaign and has resulted in many Uyghurs disappearing into camps. Mr. Turkel’s remarks can be viewed in full below:

The IRF Roundtable’s goals are to increase religious freedom as a foreign and national security policy priority through connecting civil society and governmental organizations and “reverse the rising tide of restrictions on religious freedom that has been spreading across the world.” The IRF Roundtable is encouraging U.S. citizens to voice their support for H.Res.319Reaffirming the commitment of the United States to promoting religious freedom globally, and for other purposes.

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